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A world leader in innovative design and manufacturing of Ultrasonic transducers,
is recruiting for a 

Technical Writer / Desktop Publisher


Develops, writes, and publishes owner’s guides concerning product installation, safety, operation, and maintenance. Candidate must have the ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable in text and in pictures.


  • Consults Engineering, Sales, and Production personnel to become familiar with product use, features, installation, operation, and maintenance.
  • Be a strong voice for the clarity and consistency of the end-user contact in team meetings with product managers, marketing, software engineers and quality.
  • Writes and updates material for reports, manuals, proposals, catalogs and related technical and administrative publications
  • Works closely with the product, marketing and support teams to produce high quality technical content, such as: technical write papers, product release notes, and technical blog posts.
  • Able to product brochure contact based on guidelines.
  • Reviews OEM’s manuals, engineering drawings, and other technical material relative to the installation, safety, operation, and maintenance of products.
  • Organizes the completed research and prepares copy.
  • Selects and generates drawings, tables, and photos to illustrate the owner’s guide.
  • Uses Adobe Frame Maker software to manipulate engineering drawings and format owner’s guides for desk-top publishing.
  • Edits and proofreads owner’s guides, according to established standards regarding order, clarity, style, and terminology.
  • Prepares owner’s guide documentation for release of revision, printing and/or duplication, distribution and uploading to the Company website.
  • Collects feedback for future revisions.
  • Manages owner’s guide files.
  • Manages translating owner’s guides into foreign languages.
  • Prepares indemnities for customers who want to take responsibility for their own owner’s guides.


  • BS degree in Technical Writing, English, Journalism, Communication or related field
  • Familiarity with Adobe Frame Maker software
  • Analytical skills—the ability to break a process into simple steps
  • Minimum of three years of experience in technical writing
  • Spatial reasoning—the ability to manipulate an object mentally, using two-dimensional, computer drawings
  • Writing proficiency—the ability to communicate information in a clear and concise manner
  • Exceptional verbal and interpersonal skills for working with colleagues and OEMs


Individuals must possess the knowledge, skills and abilities or be able to explain and demonstrate that the individual can perform the primary functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities and to possess the necessary physical requirement, with or without the aid of mechanical devices, to safely perform the primary functions of the job.

  • The ability to bend downward and forward by bending spine at the waist; bend legs at knee to come to rest on knee or knees, bend the body downward and forward by bending leg and spine; extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction; use upper extremities to press against something with steady force in order to thrust forward, downward, or outward; use upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, grab, haul or tug objects in a sustained motion; raise objects from a lower to higher position or move objects horizontally from position to position; to pinch, pick or otherwise primarily work with fingers. Primary functions are performed sitting/standing.
  • Ability to wear protective clothing such as gloves, safety glasses and/or safety shoes as required.
  • Visual acuity sufficient for work which deals largely with mechanical assembly and/or visual inspection involving small parts/defects.
  • Ability to perform repetitive or routine duties working from detailed instructions and under standard procedures.
  • Ability to endure periods of heavy workload.
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