Smart Sensor FAQ

What Makes an Airmar Sensor Smart?

Airmar’s Smart Sensors have embedded microelectronics—the transducer element and signal processor are only millimeters apart. The signal from our depth transducer is processed right inside the sensor and fed directly to any NMEA 0183 capable display or directly onto the NMEA 2000 network. In conventional sonar systems, a depth transducer sends its signal to a dedicated sonar display which interprets the data for its display screen. Our Smart Sensors deliver finished data, ready for any navigational or scientific application.

Who Can Benefit From Smart Technology

Smart Sensors are right for both recreational and commercial networks. Choose either 170 kHz or 235 kHz for the recreational market. At these frequencies, mutual interference with fishfinders is eliminated. For the commercial survey market, Airmar models operate at 30/200 kHz and 200 kHz.

Smart Sensors can provide depth readings in very shallow water and are commonly used when only digital depth is required or in combination with fish finding sonar.

Use Smart Sensors for low-cost, portable, survey systems and special applications, like checking bridge abutments for scouring (EchoRange). Models designed to withstand high pressure can be used on remotely operated vehicles and automated underwater vehicles to measure distance above the sea floor.

What’s next for Smart Technology?

The only thing better than amazing data delivered directly to a network is sending it directly to your wireless device. Airmar is now producing Smart Sensors with BlueTooth® technology built right in. New sensors such as the DX900+ can deliver data fast and directly to apps on your iOs and Android device.

Who is the NMEA?

The National Marine Electronics Association is an industry-wide body which sets the standards and protocols for all marine electronics manufacturers to operate within. The result is a common technology which is the “language” that everyone used to develop products. This common protocol allows Airmar Smart Sensors to “speak” with other manufacturer’s products, creating a seamless plug and play interface.

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