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is recruiting for a 

Operations / Logistics Associate


Under general supervision, this position is primarily responsible for all outgoing picking, packing and shipping of orders and repairs in a fast-paced warehouse environment. This also includes receipt and organization of incoming inventory and non-inventory items, as well as the kitting and packaging of in-house manufactured items.

This will involve regular coordination with purchasing, sales and technical departments.


While in the performance of job requirements, observes all safety regulations including personal protective equipment applicable to the use of electrical tooling and equipment and applicable to the use of chemicals including isopropyl alcohol, flux, solder, glues, epoxies and aqueous cleaning solution.

  • Packing and Shipping of all outbound orders and repairs
    • Domestic and International
  • Processing the shipping documentation specific to the method of shipment
    • UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, ShipWorks, Hazmat, EEI, NAFTA…etc.
  • Processing the general shipping documentation
    • Pack slips and commercial invoices
  • Staying current on regulations in regard to HazMat and Li-Ion shipments
    • Domestic and internationally
  • Assure that ALL outbound shipments abide by the most current regulations
  • Unpacking and Receiving of both inventory and non-inventory items
  • Processing the receiving documentation
    • POs and inventory receipt records
  • Retrieval and Delivery of products purchased/returned with our local vendor network
  • Putting away of inventory and non-inventory items
    • Keep stocked and organized shipping materials and expensed items
  • Inspection/observation of discrepancies comparing received vs stock equipment
    • Communication of discrepancies to inventory control and management
  • Communicate with vendors, shipping companies and customers regarding
    • Damaged packaging and Lost or missing packages
    • Missing information, address verification
    • Incomplete/wrong shipments
  • Cooperate with Operations team for special inventory and assembly projects
  • Some mechanical assembly and packaging of in-house manufactured items
    • Including documenting assembly processes
  • Processing of assembly orders documentation
  • BACK-UP -  for the following:
    • Stock assessment and orders
    • Non inventory assessment and orders
    • Periodic cycle counts
    • Inventory issues that need resolution (counting, labeling, organizing, etc.)
    • Cable preparation and assembly


  • High school graduate.
  • 2 years work experience in a warehouse environment.
  • Preferably some customer service experience.
  • Valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle.
  • Excellent organization and communication skills.
  • Well versed with modern technology (computers, Microsoft programs).
  • Good with planning, organizing and consistent with visual details.
  • Use of hand tools, material handling equipment and light machinery.


  • Individuals may possess knowledge, skills and abilities or be able to explain and demonstrate that the individual can perform the primary functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities and to possess the necessary physical requirement, with or without the aid of mechanical devices, to safely perform the primary functions of the job. 
  • The ability to bend downward and forward by bending spine at the waist; bend legs at knee, to come to rest on knee or knees, bend the body downward and forward by bending leg and spine; extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction; use upper extremities to press against something with steady force in order to thrust forward, downward, or outward, use upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, drag, haul or tug objects in a sustained motion; raise objects from a lower to higher position or move objects horizontally from position to position; to pinch, pick or otherwise primarily work with fingers. Primary functions are performed sitting. 
  • Ability to wear protective clothing such as gloves, safety glasses and or safety shoes as required. 
  • Visual acuity sufficient for work which deals largely with mechanical assembly and/or visual inspection involving small parts/defects. 
  • Ability to perform repetitive or routine duties working from detailed instructions and under standard procedures.
  • Ability to endure periods of heavy work load.
  • Ability to lift items as much as 55lbs or more.

If you meet these criteria, please forward your resume to:

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