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Mobile Applications

Airmar WeatherStation® Instruments designed for mobile applications are also excellent when used in portable/deployable applications. Equipped with both GPS and a 3 axis solid-state compass these instruments are capable of self-aligning themselves to true north, and are capable of GPS time-stamping. This combination of instruments, along with ultrasonic wind readings, mean that these units are capable of providing both apparent and theoretical wind speeds and direction.

Stationary Applications

For applications that aren't on the move, this group of WeatherStation® Instruments are just what you will need. These durable units contain no moving parts and are feature rich, with the ability to calculate apparent wind, air temperature and barometric pressure.

Land Based Applications

WeatherStation® Instruments designed for land based applications lack none of the features of their marine counterparts. These units can also be outfitted with housings to meet IPX6 standards.

Marine Based Applications

Designed with marine environments in mind these WeatherStation® units are excellent for applications where the presence of water is a constant.

The 200WX IPX7 WeatherStation® caters to the needs of AUV and buoy systems, while the 220WX and 220WXH meet the demands of commercial fishing vessels.

Theoretical Wind

Airmar WeatherStation® Instruments equipped with GPS and compasses are unique in their ability to calculate both theoretical and apparent wind speed and direction. These wind readings are the same if the unit is mounted in a fixed location. However, The difference between these readings can be significant in mobile applications.

Apparent Wind

All Airmar WeatherStation® Instruments are capable of providing apparent wind readings. In stationary applications apparent wind and theoretical wind are the same.

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