Process & Automation Control

Machine builders rely on a variety of sensors for detecting objects and controlling the movements of robotics and machines. It’s no wonder that Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) in the food processing, packaging, labeling and textile industries turn to Airmar’s AT series. Our shorter range transducers can be used to monitor the position of a moving machine part or detect abnormalities in a production process. Whether it’s controlling brush movements in a car wash or detecting a misaligned bottle or missing label, non-contact, ultrasonic sensors are well suited because of their ability to handle adverse conditions and they have no movable parts to wear out or breakdown.

The many benefits of the AT series include:

  • Wide range of frequencies from 50kHz to 300kHz
  • Object detection independent of material color and ambient light – even transparent foils, glass, liquids and bottles are reliably detected
  • Kynar® 720 PVDF housings from chemically aggressive and 3A sanitary environments
  • Compact cylindrical housing
  • Ingress Protection rating of IP68
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