EchoRange™ Mini Altimeter Kit – Anticipated release in Spring 2019

AIRMAR's EchoRange™ Mini was designed for use as an altimeter on AUV’s and ROV’s. The kit includes a standalone, compact transceiver board that mounts on the electronics chassis and a depth tolerant transducer that is rated to 1,000m

  • Designed for AUV's and ROV's
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Minimal Power Consumption
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A
  • NMEA 0183 Protocol

ACCURACY (Based on tank testing)
Actual Reported Difference %
3.05m 3.07m +0.02m 99.33%
4.57m 4.59m +0.02m 99.56%
5.79m 5.82m +0.03m 99.48%

Note: A minimum test tank of 50 galllons is recommended as smaller tanks may induce reverberation and interfere with measurements.

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NMEA 0183* Standard Output Sentences
Power output from transmitter:100W
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Power supply voltage: 9 – 40 VDC, Regulated
Average current draw: 150mA @ 12V for 200 kHz
NMEA 0183 Baud Rate: 4800 (Default)
Full Auto mode data output rate: From 0.1 to 25 sec/interval
Manual mode: Output rate equal to ping rate
Flash reprogrammability: Using boot loader with encryption
Operating temperature range: -5C to +60C
Storage temperature range:-30C to +70C
Minimum depth reading: 0.4m, limited in manual mode
Maximum depth reading:200m, limited in manual mode
Depth display resolution: 1 cm
Depth accuracy: 99.4% at full range (see accuracy table for more info)
Transducer depth rated to: 1000m
Housing type offered: M107
Cable length: 15.5"
Connector: 3-pin female
Transducer weight: 5oz./140g
Sounding rate: In full auto mode, sounding rate is variable with depth, in manual mode, sounding rate is configurable up to 10 times per second. Data output rate and ping rate are the same in manual mode, one ping produces one depth output. In full auto mode, data output rate is configurable (0.1 to 25 seconds per interval)

*NMEA 0183 is a serial data bus standard communications protocol that permits different types of electronic equipment to communicate. For more information visit

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