The 220WX Series WeatherStation® instrument meets a growing need for real-time, site-specific weather information. For applications where true and apparent wind are different, the 220WX is recommended and includes additional sensors such as a 10Hz GPS, solid-state compass, tilt sensors and a field replaceable relative humidity sensor. This model features configurable RS232, RS422 and CAN Bus digital data outputs, providing unparalleled versatility for all your weather monitoring needs.

This new unit offers a truly best-in-class solution at a better price point that any other weather monitoring system on the market today.

The many features of the WX Series include:

  • Model 120WXH – Measures apparent wind speed and angle, barometric pressure, air temperature and wind chill temperature
  • Model 220WXH – Includes all of the features of the 120WXH and with internal compass and GPS, true wind speed and direction can also be calculated
  • UV stabilized, compact housing is fully waterproof and resistant to chemicals and sunlight
  • Automatic and user controlled heater operation

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